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 Mystery and Magic in the desert.
"Desert Sights" invites you to discover a new world  
Ethnographic and Day Tours in the Desert
Bedouin in the Negev 


Many have heard about the Bedouin but only few are familiar with them.
A people with a  history of hundreds of  nomadic years in the desert.

A fascinating  and rich culture that developed far from civilization in  hard conditions and extreme climates .

Engaging with the traditional Bedouin society today.


Etnographic trips for curious people and adventurer lovers. Our trips our designed for  people who wish  to actively  participate in, and hear personal stories of women and men at home and in their private enterprises. 
Will they adapt? What problems do they face ? What does the future hold  for this traditional and unique society within the context of the state of Israel . Will the desert culture of the Bedouin survive?

Safari ride to unchartered Bedouin villages in the Negev 

"Safari Car" ride (large SUV 4x4)  to hidden Bedouin villages in the Negev Desert.
Meet the historical and sociological landscape of the Bedouin culture in this unique, enriching and thought provoking trip.
We finish the tour with a visit to "Desert's Daughter" that produces cosmetics and soaps from herbal extracts and spices according to Bedouin tradition and will also enjoy a rich and generous Bedouin meal.

Groundbreaking Women


We invite you into the fascinating and diverse world of  Bedouin women.
 These  groundbreaking women  navigate between two different worlds - tradition and progress and offer a unique and touching perspective into the complex Bedoin situation of rapid assimilation into Israeli society. 

Bar/bat mitzvah celebration in a unique way


We offer you  a once in a lifetime bat/bar mitzvah outdoor -experience for children and parents. We provide a variety of custom-made trips that can include: navigation, safari trip, type-puzzle  field games, and more.     

מאהל בדואי
עם הנשים הבדואיות
אוטובוס שטח
הכנת גבינות
סדנת ניווט
Field trips to scenic locations in Israel.

Explore ancient Jewish villages from the Biblical and Talmudic era, such as the scenic Yatir forest as well as other unique historical cites.  
We close the day at " Darijat",where we will visit the caves of an ancient Bedouin residence.  We will hear the intriguing  story and history of the village and its unique inhabitants. 
We end the day with a traditional Bedouin dinner.

יום גיבוש וכייף

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